Endoscopic Surgery for Nasal Congestion (Turbinoplasty)


Welcome to Dr. Ram ENT Hospital, where we prioritize your comfort and well-being by offering state-of-the-art solutions for nasal health issues. Under the guidance of esteemed ENT surgeon Dr. Ram, our dedicated team specializes in delivering empathetic care and advanced treatments, including endoscopic surgery for nasal congestion, also known as turbinoplasty.

Understanding Turbinoplasty: Endoscopic Surgery for Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion arises from various factors, including enlarged nasal turbinates, which obstruct airflow and cause discomfort. Turbinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alleviate nasal congestion by reducing the size of the turbinates, thus improving nasal airflow and enhancing breathing. Endoscopic turbinoplasty employs a minimally invasive approach, utilizing a small camera (endoscope) to precisely address the enlarged turbinates.

Precautions after endoscopic surgery for nasal congestion (turbinoplasty):

1. Rest and Avoid Exertion: Allow yourself sufficient time to rest and refrain from engaging in strenuous activities.

2. Nasal Hygiene: Maintain cleanliness and moisture in your nasal passages as per your surgeon’s instructions.

3. Follow Medication Guidelines: Adhere to the prescribed pain relievers and antibiotics regimen as directed by your surgeon.

4. Attend Post-operative Check-ups: Ensure attendance to all scheduled follow-up appointments for comprehensive monitoring and care.

5. Promptly Report Concerns: Notify your surgeon promptly if you encounter severe pain, persistent bleeding, breathing difficulties, or signs of infection.

Choose Dr. Ram ENT Hospital for Endoscopic Turbinoplasty because:

Why Choose Dr. Ram ENT Hospital for Microscopic Surgery for Otosclerosis?

1. Expertise of our Team: Led by Dr. Ram, our proficient ENT specialists possess extensive experience in endoscopic turbinoplasty, employing advanced techniques and equipment for optimal outcomes.

2. Personalized Care: We prioritize tailoring treatments to your individual requirements, providing compassionate support from consultation through recovery.

3. Comprehensive Evaluation: Prior to surgery, we conduct a thorough assessment of your condition to formulate a personalized treatment strategy.

4. Cutting-edge Technological Resources: We utilize advanced endoscopic instruments and imaging technologies to ensure precise, minimally invasive procedures and expedited recovery.

5. Patient Empowerment: We are committed to educating you about your condition, treatment alternatives, and recovery process, enabling you to make informed decisions and feel confident in your care journey.

Take the Initial Step Towards Nasal Wellness

If you are grappling with nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, or related symptoms indicative of enlarged turbinates, Dr. Ram ENT Hospital stands ready to assist you. Our empathetic team is dedicated to delivering expert care and assistance to enhance your breathing comfort and elevate your quality of life.

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