Endoscopic Surgery for Deviated Nasal Septum (Septoplasty)


Welcome to Dr. Ram ENT Hospital, where we’re committed to offering innovative solutions for your nasal health concerns. Led by renowned ENT surgeon Dr. Ram, our dedicated team specializes in providing compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments, including endoscopic surgery for deviated nasal septum, known as septoplasty.

Understanding Septoplasty: Endoscopic Surgery for Deviated Nasal Septum

A deviated nasal septum occurs when the thin wall (nasal septum) between your nasal passages is displaced or crooked, leading to difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, and other discomforts. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at straightening and repositioning the septum to improve airflow and alleviate associated symptoms. Endoscopic septoplasty utilizes a minimally invasive approach, employing a tiny camera (endoscope) to navigate and correct the deviation with precision.

Precautions after endoscopic surgery for a deviated nasal septum (septoplasty):

1. Rest and Avoid Strain: Give yourself time to rest and avoid strenuous activities.

2. Nasal Care: Keep your nasal passages clean and moist as instructed by your surgeon.

3. Take Prescribed Medications: Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding pain relievers and antibiotics.

4. Attend Follow-Up Appointments: Keep all scheduled follow-up appointments for monitoring and care.

5. Report Concerns Promptly: Contact your surgeon if you experience severe pain, bleeding, breathing difficulties, or signs of infection.

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Choose Dr. Ram ENT Hospital for Endoscopic Septoplasty because:

Why Choose Dr. Ram ENT Hospital for Microscopic Surgery for Otosclerosis?

1. Expert Team: Led by Dr. Ram, our skilled ENT specialists are experienced in endoscopic septoplasty, using advanced techniques and equipment for optimal results.

2. Personalized Support: We tailor treatments to your needs, offering compassionate care from consultation to post-op.

3. Thorough Assessment: Before surgery, we assess your condition thoroughly to create a personalized treatment plan.

4. Cutting-edge Technology: We use advanced endoscopic tools and imaging for precise, minimally invasive procedures and quicker recovery.

5. Empowering Patients: We educate you on your condition, treatment options, and recovery, ensuring informed decisions and peace of mind.

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If you’re experiencing nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, or other symptoms suggestive of a deviated septum, Dr. Ram ENT Hospital is here to help. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing expert care and support to help you breathe easier and improve your quality of life.

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