Clearing the Path to Better Hearing: Endoscopic Surgery for Glue Ears at Dr. Ram ENT Hospital


Dr. Ram ENT Hospital is dedicated to providing advanced endoscopic surgery for children with glue ears, offering procedures such as myringotomy and grommet insertion. With a focus on minimally invasive techniques and compassionate care, our experienced team strives to improve the hearing and overall quality of life for our young patients.

Procedure Overview:

Endoscopic surgery for glue ears at Dr. Ram ENT Hospital involves the use of specialized endoscopic equipment to address fluid buildup behind the eardrum. This procedure, known as myringotomy, includes creating a small incision in the eardrum to drain the accumulated fluid. Additionally, grommets (tiny tubes) are inserted into the eardrum to allow for continuous drainage and ventilation.

This procedure is commonly combined with Endoscopic Adenoidectomy as children very often suffer from both glue ears and enlarged Adenoids.

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Surgical Technique:

Our skilled pediatric ENT surgeons perform endoscopic myringotomy and grommet insertion with precision and care. Utilizing advanced endoscopic technology, they ensure accurate placement of grommets and effective drainage of fluid from the middle ear, thus restoring normal hearing function for children with glue ears.


1. Minimally Invasive Approach: Endoscopic surgery offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional procedures for glue ears, resulting in reduced discomfort, shorter recovery times, and improved outcomes for pediatric patients.

2. Improved Hearing: By draining fluid and providing ventilation to the middle ear, myringotomy and grommet insertion effectively improve hearing and alleviate symptoms such as ear pain, pressure, and difficulty hearing.

3. Prevention of Complications: Endoscopic surgery helps prevent complications associated with untreated glue ears, such as hearing loss, speech delays, and recurrent ear infections, ensuring the long-term well-being of children.

4. Personalized Pediatric Care: At Dr. Ram ENT Hospital, we understand the unique needs of children with glue ears. Our team provides individualized care and support, ensuring a positive experience for both children and their families.

5. Comprehensive Follow-up: We are committed to providing comprehensive follow-up care to monitor your child’s progress and ensure optimal healing and long-term success of the procedure.

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