Manisha Sharma

A very good doctor, humble and polite .. soft spoken .. Dr.Ram is excellent in providing that comfort zone to the kids before their check ups which they need….

Ashutosh Kumar

One of the best Doctor for ENT in Punjab region. Very knowledgeable as well as polite personality.

Ramandeep Singh

Dr. Ram is a very good E.N.T doctor of ropar,kurali or anandpur sahib area. He is a very polite person and read the patient’s mind. I had chronic problem for the last 9 months that I do not know, he checked me well and was completely satisfied. Here a gentleman has written that this doctor… Continue reading Ramandeep Singh

Rosy Bangar

Very good experience.. I went to show my father.. And Dr. Ram attended us so well.. Very friendly behavior.. And he is so caring for his every patient… Keep it up

Rana English Academy

Very good doctor really did a good treatment to my throat frnd recomend to dr. ram clinic nd its really a great advice..